Biosphere Research Institute


JUTS (Joined Up Thinkers)

JUTS is a society of thinkers, made up of groups of people from around the world who meet for discussion on significant issues while having fun.  Two or more people can gather, either physically or via the internet, to discuss subjects of importance, then feed their thinking into a shared web space for all to share. 

Like a book club, but focused on thinking, you can make this as structured or relaxed as you like. 

Monthly resources will be made available, along with a suggested wine and nibbles recipes!), so you can relax, chat and enjoy some discussion together.  The whole aim is to help you interact with each other and with some of the leading thinkers in the world, and BIOSRI seeks to facilitate this. 

The resources consist of a short introduction on a particular issue, representing a particular position. You can then devide in to two groups, pone arguing for the position, and the other challenging it. Both groups should then set aside their differences and work to devise an agreed position.  Register your group with us and you will receive, by email, a further list of reading material including electronic links, along with a series of questions/statements to get things going.  You don’t need to use any of these, of course. 

To register your group, email with your group’s name, so that we can email you with the monthly resource pack.  Use this same email to submit the summary of your discussion, in no more than 100 words (bullet points are good).  Images are also encouraged, maybe of your group in action!

It’s all free, so why not become a JUT! 

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