Biosphere Research Institute


28.04.11 It's Not Carbon, Stupid!
Dr Keith Skene writes, in Contemporary Review, that carbon is not the biggest threat to planetary sustainability, and that our all consuming obsession with it could sidetrack us from much more important issues that are currently at the heart of what has been called the Sixth Mass Extinction.  Read his thoughts at The Director's Cut

20.04.11 Exciting new teaching paterial for Primary and Secondary Schools Launched
If you are a teacher, then register with us at the TEACHERS' CENTRE and order some of the FREE teaching resources available, on everything from GM crops to climate change, and primate behaviour to protein structure.

12.04.11 Professor Seaton Baxter Appointed as Patron of Biosphere Research Institute
We are delighted to announce that Professor Seaton Baxter has agreed to act as Patron of the Biosphere Research Institute.  Seaton is a leading thinker and practitioner in Natural Design, and has contributed hugely to animal welfare, radically changing our approach to animal husbandry through innovative animal- led practice. His inspiring approach to teaching and student supervision has had a lasting impact on several generations of design students, and many leading practioners globally bear testament to his impact. For more information, go to OUR PATRON.