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The resources are packed full of activities, and also include Word and Powerpoint files for teachers, providing full background information.  You can also email or phone the designers of the activities if you have any questions! No-one else offers this service.  To receive any of these materials FREE, with the exception of the Putting Colour into your Curriculum pack, just register with us here,  telling us what packs you want.

If you feel that you would like these resources delivered directly as part of your CPD programme, then please contact your local education authority, who can contact us directly at  We can send instructors to your area to deliver these CPDs.

Resources available (CfEEO = Curriculum for Excellence Experience and Outcomes):

The Carbon Game I and II: role play in two parts, demonstrating atmospheric change over geological time and constructing a novel carbon footprint. Suitable for upper primary and secondary school students.

Xenotransplantation: Topical science activity for upper secondary school students.

GM Technology: Topical science activity suitable for upper secondary school students.

Designer Babies: Topical science activity suitable for upper secondary school students.

Stem Cell Research: Topical science activity suitable for upper secondary school students.

The Science Newsroom Game: Students report on major science stories in the news, learning how to put together a piece for broadcast.

CfEEO: SCN1-20a; SCN2-20b

The Conservation Game: role play game aimed at primary and early secondary school, exploring zoology, ecology and conservation.  The students become managers of a wildlife park, and must plan the best design for animal welfare, while allowing public access.
CfEEO: SCN1-01a; SCN2-01a; SCN2-02b

The Science Newsroom: a role play involving current affairs programming, aimed at primary  and early secondary school students. Students become editors of a news programme, and must identify stories for broadcast, writing the script and providing graphics, before filming the story.  An excellent cross-curricular activity with strong outputs.

CfEEO: SCN1-20a; SCN2-20b

Shadows and Footprints: assessing the cost of energy: Examining the costs and benefits of alternative energy sources.

CfEEO: SCN3-04b, SCN4-04a; SOC3-08a; SOC4-08a; SOC4-15a


The sensory Pie Game: a novel approach to understanding the five senses, exploring patterns across the animal kingdom.  Excellent for primary and early secondary school age groups.

CfEEO: SCN1-12b; SCN2-12b; MNU2-07a; MTH1-21a; MTH2-17b; MTH2-21a; LIT1-04a; LIT2-04a

The Vaccination Game: a classic, fun role play, targetted at secondary school students, in which the students must manage the security of a hotel being invaded by aliens, while keeping the regular customers happy.

CfEEO: SCN3:13c

Alien Biology: primary and secondary school activity exploring life on other planets, and applying this thinking to a fresh look at our own biosphere.

CfEEO: SCN2-02a; SCN3-02a; SCN3-06a; SCN4-01a

Built for Speed: a primary school activity exploring the relationship between natural and man-made design, focusing on hydrodynamics and form-function relationships.

CfEEO: SCN1-07a; SCN2-07a; SCN2-08b; SCN3-07a; EXA1-06a; EXA2-06a

World Religions an the Four Seasons: SPRING and WINTER: Exploring the relationship between seasonal change and world religions, with lots of craft activities to support key areas in the curriculum.

RME1-06b; RME2-06b; RME2-06c; RERC1-18a; RERC2-18a; RERC2-27a; RERC2-27b.

Putting colour into your Curriculum:  a special pack containg all the resources for three major role play games is available from Amazon for £40 or directly from the publishers, Ard Macha Press, for £35.

The pack features:

The Protein Game - a radical and original approach to the subject of molecular biology, dealing with transcription, translation and cell biology.  The students play the roles of amino acids, DNA and RNA, and explore why mutations have such devastating impacts.  The importance of chemical context is brought home, as the forms and functions of proteins take on three-dimensional shapes, and twist and turn to the ever-changing cellular context. Suitable for middle and higher secondary/college students.

The CONMAN Simulation pits a group of environmentalists against a hard-nosed industrial company, as they negotiate the future of an area containing rare and protected species.  Giving an insight into the mechanics of debate and problem solving in the real world, this excercise provides an excellent opportunity to observe your students as they develop their skills in teamwork, communication and decision making in a group setting. Suitable for secondary and college students.

Monkey Business places your students in the roles of behavioural biologists, studying a group of primates in a rainforest.  Team skills are tested to the limit as they work to analyse behaviour.  Teching skills in focal point sampling, this exercise brings the subject alive before their eyes and provides valuable opportunities for data analysis and interpretation. Suitable for upper primary and secondary students.