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We provide CPD material, which you can either have delivered through your Education Authority or access online.  To access these resources, all you need to do is register with BIOSRI (see details below).  You can order any of the topics currently available.  Browse the topics available at CPD RESOURCES.

Further resources for students are available at THE BIG DEBATE
The Big Debate resources can be used a range of settings:

Formal Debate
Two students argue either side of a particular issue, then the group splits into small groups, or juries, and each discusses and then votes on what they think of each side's argument. The foreman of the jury, for each group, will then deliver his/her group's opinion.  The class can then be asked to individually write up a summary in a homework exercise.

Split the class into groups and ask them to tackle a question (different for each group).  Each group then presents a summary of their findings to the rest of the class.

Research Project
The resources can form part of a larger project, giving students inspiration within the project topic.

Reflective Piece
Each student, as homework, is asked to reflect on the resources and write a reflective piece resulting from this.

TO REGISTER AS A TEACHER, AND TO OBTAIN CPDs or The Great Debate material, simply email us, at krskene(at) giving us:

- your name
- the email address to which you want the packs sent to (preferably a school-based email)
- your position
- your subject/s
- your school address
- the number of students, and their level, that you anticipate using the resource with...

...and ask for the support pack for the particular set of resources you require. Check out our CPD resources and just ask for the required title(s).  Each resource topic, found in THE BIG DEBATE section, has TOPIC CODES.  Just give us the topic codes that you require a support pack for, and we will email you them, free of charge.

Don't forget that you can also join a JUTS group for some grown up thinking of your own!  Also, check our ONLINE SHOP for teaching resources.  Contact us if you have any questions, and to send feedback on the service you receive.